Puppet theater for children and youth
Theatrical art is magical. It impresses, delights, inspires and animates. The performing arts make you think and experience deep emotions. People go to the theater to feel, express their emotions and discover something new about themselves.
Puppet theater for children and youth
Theater artists of the highest professional caliber conduct events, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, and New Year's holidays. The creative team of the theater is sincerely grateful to have connections with audiences across the globe.
Theater “MAGIC CASTLE” has been successfully operating for more than 25 years, giving children, youth and adults the opportunity to experience art in all of its beauty.
The theater's repertoire includes interesting fairy tales for children, as well as performances with moral and ethical topics for middle and high school students.
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Оur program
Children’s theatre and plays for parties and events
"Donkey's Birthday" A theatrical recreation of a well known children’s book through the use of puppets. It is about friendship and mutual respect. This theatrical experience is recommended for children 2-10.
Fun and exciting performance "Well, Red Bow, wait". The Wolf, tired of running after the hare, finds a more interesting goal and goes in search of a kind, trusting girl. The eternal rival of the Wolf - the Hare, guesses the tricks of the gray trickster, shows courage and runs to save the grandmother, who is waiting for her granddaughter to […]
Duration of 35-40 minutes
"Bunny's Hut" Theatrical performance based on the fairy tale of the same name. About friendship and mutual assistance. The recommended age category is from 2 to 10 years. Type – mixed (in the course of the performance, the actors use puppets).
"Magic Slipper" is a story about a kindhearted young woman, who was left alone with her evil stepmother and her cranky sisters after the death of her father. She dreamed to have a better life for herself. Her fairy god mother helps to make her dream comes true and gives her a chance to have a better life. At the ball, cinderella loses her glass slipper and found the love of her life. The prince found Cinderella and married her, saving her from the cruel home she grew up in. The moral lesson is that kindness will be rewarded, whereas selfishness will not.
Duration of 40 minutes
“Magic Castle” is a theatrical performance based on folklore. This is a story about friendship and help. A well known fairy tale from childhood. Recommended age category is from 2 to 8 years-old.
Duration of 40 minutes
Duration of 40 minutes
Duration of 40-45 minutes
Оur team
Svitlana Grygoryshyna
Director of Theater “MAGIC CASTLE”
Armen Tadevosyan
He was starred in very famous comedy movies "Mer Baky 1", "Mer Baky 2", "Comments" TV show, "Yere1" sitcom, "Harevanner" TV series, "220V" comedy TV series, "Kargin Haghordum" comedy TV series and at the moment TV host at AMGA TV USA, also acting in various films and commercials, and holds events Professional career as comedian starts back from 1993.
Comedian, actor, showman, TV host, scriptwriter
Victoria Stolyarenko
She graduated from the Sumy Higher School of Culture in 1997 and in 2007 from the Rivne State Humanities University, where she qualified as a drama theater director and teacher. She has worked on TV and cinema.
Actress, screenwriter and creative director of the theater
Roman Listopad
Acting teacher, theatre director.
He has extensive experience in film, TV and commercial.
Stage and film actor
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